Weddings: Capture special moments from the big day and allow guests to create unique wedding videos with a 360 video booth.

Corporate Events: Enhance corporate gatherings, conferences, and trade shows by providing an interactive and entertaining experience for attendees to create branded videos.

Parties and Celebrations: Whether it’s a birthday party, anniversary celebration, or holiday event, a 360 video booth adds a fun and memorable element to any festive occasion.

Product Launches: Showcase your new products or services by allowing guests to create immersive videos that highlight the features and benefits.

Marketing and Brand Activations: Create engaging marketing campaigns and brand activations with a 360 video booth, allowing participants to become part of the brand experience.

Fundraisers and Charity Events: Encourage attendees to show their support by recording heartfelt messages or capturing memorable moments at fundraising events.

Experiential Marketing Events: Stand out at trade shows, exhibitions, or experiential marketing events by offering a unique and interactive experience that leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

Music Festivals and Concerts: Provide an exciting opportunity for festival-goers to create immersive videos capturing their favorite moments and performances.

Sporting Events: Enhance the fan experience by offering a 360 video booth where attendees can capture their excitement and support for their favorite teams.

Galas and Award Ceremonies: Add an extra element of glamour to gala events and award ceremonies by allowing guests to create personalized videos commemorating the occasion.

Brand Launches: Generate buzz and excitement for new brands by offering a 360 video booth where guests can create engaging videos to share on social media.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Attract visitors to your booth and stand out from the crowd by providing an interactive and immersive experience through a 360 video booth.

Conventions and Conferences: Engage conference attendees by offering a unique and memorable experience, allowing them to create videos that capture their key takeaways and insights.

School and University Events: From prom nights to graduation ceremonies, a 360 video booth can capture special moments and create lasting memories for students and their families.

Cultural and Community Events: Add an interactive and entertaining element to cultural festivals, community fairs, and local events, allowing attendees to document their experiences in a unique way.